About Us

Hopscotch Therapy was formed by Heidi St. John in January 2017 after spending 12+ years working in various care settings including home health, schools systems and private practice.  Her experiences helped her to realize that there was a better, more effective way to provide services, than what was currently taking up the main-stream therapy world.  A wholistic approach, that goes beyond the standard speech-language pathology training, was more efficient, more comprehensive, and produced a higher outcome of goal-success and life-long progress. Seeing a patient as more than just “another visit” and creating goals that do more than just address the symptoms is key. Heidi has spent years researching the way diet, home life, psychological/behavioral factors, and family/social interactions impact every area of our development. Just some of the diagnosis she has had training for and experience in treating include autism (ASD), expressive language disorders, receptive language disorders, language processing disorders, sensory processing disorder, aphasia, Down Syndrome (trisomy 21), Cerebral Palsy, various rare chromosomal disorders, dysphagia, microcephaly, apraxia, stutter/disfluency, articulation disorders, phonological processing disorder, traumatic brain injury, anoxic brain injury, neurological deficits from varying causes, and fetal alcohol syndrome.

Heidi’s vision is to grow Hopscotch Therapy into a multi-disciplinary practice which bring professionals together under one roof to provide an inclusive, exhaustive care team for every child they treat.  She believes this approach will lead to better outcomes for her patients as they grow into adulthood.