What To Expect

We know that working with a therapist for the first time, or making a switch to a new therapist, can create some anxiety.  We know there are many choices for therapy for your child, and because of that we strive to create an environment and experience that is encouraging, informative, and just helpful. If we’re not helping- we’re not doing our job or fulfilling our mission. We take it very seriously.

  • Your First Visit: Based on the concerns you and/or your pediatrician have identified, we will use comprehensive assessment tools which will best identify the symptoms observed and use that to help determine the underlying factors.
  • Creating A Therapy Plan: You and your therapist will talk through what outcomes you are hoping for and together you will create an effective and comprehensive therapeutic plan.
  • Creating A Support Plan: You and your therapist will discuss a support plan that will help your child reach her/his goals including referrals for further testing, information about community support groups, and carry over/home care techniques.
  • Sharing YOUR Experiences: The fact is that YOU are the one who best knows YOUR child. What you can share about things you have observed, previous therapy experiences, home-life, school-life, progress/changes, and personality preferences will help us significantly when it comes to creating goals and activities that will actually WORK. We’re the experts in our field. You’re the expert about your child. We know that, we respect that, and we use that to help bring about efficient, longstanding progress.
  • Therapy: Once a plan has been developed and agreed upon, your care team will begin therapy – working towards achieving goals through personalized activities and techniques that fit your child’s’ individual personality and skill level.
  • Re-Evaluation: Periodically throughout the process, especially when significant progress has been observed, your care team will perform a re-evaluation in order to judge progress and skill level, as well as to assess what changes may need to be made in order to continue encouraging progress.

If you are ready to experience our approach and see first-hand the positive impact it can have with your child, please click here to complete our new patient forms.

Still have questions?  Please give us a call, or send an email if you prefer. But please let us talk with you – answer questions, ease concerns, help you through this process. This can be a scary and frustrating season without the right people in place to support and help you along the path. We would be so excited to be that support for you.  Click here to contact us.